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Our aim at the Toolbox is to provide custom-made solutions for research and development, and to create sustainable employment through applied learning.

As many Majority World countries, Kenya is experiencing a growing rate of unemployment - especially among its younger generation. At the same time, many countries in the Global North are facing a shortage of skilled workers. Our goal is to help bridge these gaps by training and creating job opportunities for young Kenyans both locally and abroad.

As Kenyan citizens and residents, we are keenly aware of the fact that higher education is not accessible to everyone, and that a lack of formal degrees does not indicate a lack of knowledge or experience. Using a grassroots approach, we work with young Kenyans from both rural and urban communities irrespective of their educational levels and train them on the job. Integrating methods from dual education with the African tradition of peer-teaching, new team members work alongside more experienced ones, and practical work is supplemented by theoretical lessons from both local and visiting experts.

Last but not least, our strong research focus helps to supply much-needed evidence from Majority World countries across a wide range of disciplines - and again provides educational opportunities and sources of income for local communities.


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